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Post  Invité on Sun Jun 20 2010, 09:29

Hey I'm new here, and I thought I'd show some creations here [SAVED] Smiley's Creations 26684

ALC_Floofa & Floofa Template
[SAVED] Smiley's Creations 500579501294_lrg [SAVED] Smiley's Creations 500579516863_lrg
Description: Floofas are related species to Bloofas, however while they are not lazy, they are incredible haughty.

ALC_Bloofa & Bloofa Template
[SAVED] Smiley's Creations 500578161799_lrg[SAVED] Smiley's Creations 500578205276_lrg
Description: Bloofas just love banana and squid(seperate are delicious, but mixed together, mm mmm mmmm!) They are both sea and land creatures and will jump at the chance to eat, even if its not banana or squid.

My first ALC:
[SAVED] Smiley's Creations 500575726403_lrg
Description: I am in the alc, and feel very honoured!
The Hooray! creatures love a good party, and will do anything to get into one.

[SAVED] Smiley's Creations 500572009253_lrg
Description: (sorry thats the name I thought of every time I looked at him:P)Snot is the "coolest" thing in the galaxy.His wings are hopeless,as you can see, he has a few extra kilos with all his rings,and all his brains leaked out of the holes-but he is still"cool".........

[SAVED] Smiley's Creations 500571644440_lrg
Description: The Opolla were prominent creatures in the planet of Thear, but one boring, rainy day the leader of one of the important nations living on Thear came up with the idea to send a spaceship up to planet Arms. But all the people were too scared to go. So they decided to send a team of trained Opollas, who were quite intelligent creatures and could easily man a spaceship. The Opollas landed on Arms and loved the place so much they refused to go back to Thear, and now pupulate the planet Arms. The Opollas on Thear grew dull and monotone(showing sadness) and died out on Thear because they wanted to go and live on Arms with the others.


[SAVED] Smiley's Creations 500571138487_lrg
Description: I got the idea of putting heycorns on very thin exoskeleton limbs from 98killergirl(thanks [SAVED] Smiley's Creations 870310 ), but it took my forever to decide on a colour scheme. Well here he is, and I hope you like him!(I hid wings, just so he could actually fly:P) Please view in editor, it looks much better!Thanks everyone, #4 MPN !!!!
(#4 MPN is the highest on MPN I've ever got [SAVED] Smiley's Creations 870310 )

[SAVED] Smiley's Creations 500570623466_lrg
Description: I think I like doing things like this, please tell me if you like it!

I have only recently found my style(creating beautiful creatures with comical faces and descriptions), but I'm very happy I have [SAVED] Smiley's Creations 26684

[SAVED] Smiley's Creations 870310 0404

Wow, awesome work !
Nice job Smiley
Nice creations! I really like all of the vibrant color choices and their unique designs
cool creation
Amazing Creations! Great job Smiley !
I love your style



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[SAVED] Smiley's Creations Empty Re: [SAVED] Smiley's Creations

Post  Invité on Thu Jun 24 2010, 01:23

eek! i haven't been on for a while!
Heres an update of my recent creations:
[SAVED] Smiley's Creations 500595212388_lrg
Description: A relative of the Ceepock, Splarta's live in any environment, their colours adjusting to fit.
That one didn't work out as well as i planned [SAVED] Smiley's Creations 744984

[SAVED] Smiley's Creations 500593852745_lrg
Description:The Markanon is a rather dull and boring creature,except for when they sneeze.
That one is a fav of mine, i also made a template contest for it, but it was closed for lack of interest.

I haven't made any ALC's since those [SAVED] Smiley's Creations 34476 but i have recently been making things like these:
[SAVED] Smiley's Creations 500610831555[SAVED] Smiley's Creations 500610793797[SAVED] Smiley's Creations 500610760349[SAVED] Smiley's Creations 500610695466[SAVED] Smiley's Creations 500610648323[SAVED] Smiley's Creations 500610229462

They're for a colourful planet GA, and i''m looking for more, if you want to help [SAVED] Smiley's Creations 26684

that's all from me at the moment,


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