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Post  Invité on Fri Jun 18 2010, 18:25

10/01/2010- Foundation of the ALC by Axell13, Creagenese et Araignia.

_12/01/2010 :
The forum has a new troll History 870467

_16/02/2010 :
The forum has fifty members.

_18/02/2010 :
The menu style buged, Serird is discussed while Araignia solves the problem...

_22/02/2010 :
The new member d-ooba rots about ten sections. This was apocaliptic and this was so fun History 43410

The usergroup "Troll" is created and the usergroup "Watcher", which had only one member disappears and Lordyk became moderator assistant.

The menu style is okay but now how
to put a backgroung? Good luck to the grapher Serird.

_23/02/2010 :
Primo found an awesome avatar, a very realistic signatureand is in a new usergroup History 839291

The best number of online users is beaten of 16 to 17.

_25/02/2010 :
The forum design is changed by Araignia, Lordyk and Serird

_27/02/2010 :
The big french forum called Sporemania which many french alc members came is died...
Not any admin is present, so we have to find a solution...

_28/02/2010 :
The best record of onlines toggles of 17 to 19.

_02/03/2010 :
The recruiters usergroup is created by axell13 and Primo and has three members.

Sporemania is alive! Viva Yannic!

_06/03/2010 :
The best record of onlines is 20.

_07/03/2010 :
The ALC has 100 members!

The best record of onlines is 28.

_16/03/2010 :
Axell's demission, Alien takes his place.

Primo's birthday...

_17/03/2010 :
Alien is retrograded for have broke the design : Vote planned for a new leader.

The ALC has 100 members

_19/03/2010 :
Snuitergup takes Alien's place to be the new leader.

_20/03/2010 :
Araignia made a new design.

_25/03/2010 :
Alien became Admin
, Lordyk and Araignia made a new design.

_05/04/2010 :
Sporemania's Staff is in changements, Creagenese is now admin, Araignia and Serird are now modos.

_07/04/2010 :
Rinoken's birthday, he is now sporemania's lookout.

_15/05/2010 :
The Forum has a new design by Axell and Araignia

_16/05/2010 :
All the staff has changed, New organisation is activated! ▼

16/05/2010- New Forum

Hawkbird is coming back! All the staff is hard-working to find a solution to bann him! Finally we found, and he is banned.

Red = Important
Blue = Design of the forum
Green = Staff changements
Orange = Beated Record
Violet = Information


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History Empty Re: History

Post  Invité on Thu Jun 24 2010, 22:17

This clan has quite the history, but why was Hawkbird banned?

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