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Cannonball. Empty Cannonball.

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Small guide to understand definitely what is a cannonball.

It just represents the Phenomenon called "Cannonball" on the forum.

I) Presentation

- The cannonball doesn't know how to search before posting.
“ what is the address of please ? “

- The cannonball writes it thread of debate in the poor section.
“ What games have you? ” in the section “ Question on Spore ”.

- The cannonball always makes a subject of type « what is your favourite? » at her arrival.
Subject “ What is your favorite color ? ”

- The cannonball feels powerful during the creation of an opinion poll.
“ I make a Poll Question, don't cheat !!! LOL “

- The cannonball fools function " new subject ".
Subject “What is a cannonball ? ”

- The cannonball is the champion to create already existent subjects.
“ what is the color that you to prefer? ”

- The cannonball posts the most possible and as soon as possible.
Statistics: 350 messages a day. Rank: always connected.

- The written cannonball in uppercase letters because he thinks that it will be more quickly read.

- The cannonball likes language sms.
“ g't my gam yesterday !! LOL ”

- The cannonball does not make a subject with a definite name.
Subject: “ Help! ”, “ In assistance ”

- The cannonball never listens to what they say to him but not much any time to excuse himself.
“ I stop right now !! Sorry !! LOL.

- The cannonball often answers to say nothing. His name is FLOOD!
“LOL ! ”

- The cannonball takes back up old subjects to bring nothing in debate once again. It's name is NECROPOST!
“ lol me too ! ” on an old subject finished 6 months ago.

- The cannonball registers more than two times on the same forum (this is allowed but if the person has a poor pseudo attitude the second is banned)
to make be taken for a new member or to give reason in its other pseudo.

- The cannonball doesn't know the ponctuation. “ please i got my game you're my friends right my creature can't eat something so i hate this game she will be dead soon help me lol i hate this game so his mark is 2/10 nah lol"

- The cannonball is crazy at smileys.
“ yes me too ” (followed by smileys 10.)

II) incorporation

- The cannonball looks for friends.
“ lol you're awesome, now you're my friend no ?”

- The cannonball edits 8 times his post.
"Help me, how can i install Spore ! Edit : no it's ok thank you !!! lol !, Edit2 : No it can't work ! Edit3 : Stupid computer, Edit4 : i flood ?, Edit 5 : HELP ME PLEASE, Edit6 : my computer sucks, Edit7 : I find a solution, thank you, Edit8 : LOL

- The cannonball can prove to be aggressive, when they underline his foolishness.
“ Bitch ! Me, insult you ?! ”

- The cannonball thinks that the Admin will forget him if he changes his pseudo.
“I change my pseudo, i don't like it so it was MAXTHEBEST, now LIONELTHEBEST".

- The cannonball likes to make mourn smileys.
“I'm soooooooooo sooooory, i'm hated !!!!! ” (matched by 20 smileys which cry and a big LOL)

- The cannonball insults everyone when he knows how to use private messages in that case copied the message and send it to a modo.
" Bitch lol "

- The cannonball when he knows how to use private messages sends 5 messages in 2 minutes to the same person.
“ you forgot me ”, “are you still here ”, “I don't spam you“, “have you seen how i reply so fast ?! LOL ”, “i sleep.”

- The cannonball likes to make see.
“ nobody answers me so i'm the best ! LOL !"

- The cannonball is detested by everyone and cries..
“ ouinnn nobody likes me. ”

- The cannonball is always persecuted.
“ everybody please! You blame me ! i do nothing !!!! ”, “Moderators hate me !!!! DAMN ”

III) Down miscellaneous

- The cannonball posts messages of less than 5 words otherwise it makes several posts.
“ arrété! ” followed of “ cétai to laugh lol! ” then of “i'm serious LOL ” and still of “so you thought about me ?!!!!!"

- The cannonball never listens to arguments of others.
“i'm right so STOP ! LOL”

- The cannonball diverts easily a thread of debate.
“ and vou thought about me? ”

- The cannonball irritates everybody.
“Why have you created the cannonball thread ?! it's really useful..LOL ”


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