[By Snuitergup]How to get your creations seen and rated.

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[By Snuitergup]How to get your creations seen and rated.

Post  Creagenese on Tue Jun 15 2010, 15:34

Written bye Snuitergup

It's not fun making creations without a single rate or comment. Sometimes YOU must advertise yourself.

-Try to comment on the creations of other people. Some will respond and give you a comment and maybe a rate.
-Enter contests. It's a good opportunity to let people know who you are if you get to the finals.
-Never give comments like: Awesome. or AMAZING!. People don't like those comments. Just say some things about the creation that you like.

Also try the forums
-Join a club or something like the European Club for instance.
-maxis challenges might get you far.
-Help people with problems.

-Buddy someone whose creations you really like and keep commenting on new ones. People will like you.
-Get a friend or something. That's very nice and they will comment and rate your creations.

Don't be rude or negativ!
-If you don't like a creation then just don't say: It stinks or wow you suck! People won't like it and maybe you get downrated by them anytime you make a creation. So be nice.
-N-E-V-E-R DOWNRATE! That's just rude. You probably won't like it at all if people downrate your stuff so don't do that to others.

Other things to get your creations better.
-look at people's creations in the editors and look how they use parts. You can use those techniques too.
-Try parts in your creator. Try rotating them, shrimping or make them bigger and more.
-Try experiencing with colours! Look which colours of a specific part will change when you change the colour of for instance the detail colour. You will get to know the parts colours and stuff.

I hope this helps you! Sorry if there are any grammar faults in it! Please report them to me. If you have any questions, then just ask.

See you later, aligator -_- xD

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Re: [By Snuitergup]How to get your creations seen and rated.

Post  Invité on Mon Jun 28 2010, 18:37

Some really good tips here. Thanks.


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