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Bulding Tips

Post  Creagenese on Tue Jun 15 2010, 15:29

Written by Sakiara : http://forum.spore.com/jforum/posts/list/39172.page
1. Here’s what you can do in this thread:

.: Chat and discuss anything building related! This is a given…
.: Post your own buildings, tips, and tutorials.
.: Enter the contests (when there are some).
.: Ask for other people's critiques, tips & opinions or vice versa*
.: Submit your request for a certain prop, building, etc. I don’t normally take requests, but if there’s something intriguing, perhaps I will make it.

2. Things NOT to do:

.: Please don’t spam, troll, harass, etc. You know the usual forum rules stuff.
.: *If you are going to critique someone’s creation, please do not be rude and insulting. Be constructive and helpful.
.: Don’t just post something and then leave. It’s not Show Off Your Latest Thread.

3. Links to other building related threads

[*]techno605's Building Editor Art Gallery
Here you can show off your building art, enter contests and there's also a section for "Artwork of the Week"
[*]Billith's Create-A-Civ Contest
This isn't a straight up building contest, but you do have to make four buildings. Architects might be in high demand!
[*]techno's Xmas Building Editor Art Contest
Create Christmas art in the building editor and you could win a trophy made by techno!
The deadline is December 19th
[*]Warboss92's Building Mech Challenge
Create a mech and submit it on the thread
The deadline is December 22nd

4. Amazing Architects

Here are links to some fantastic creators who either specialize in the building editor and/or have some quality buildings (at least 10). They are all imo worth checking out and ALL have at least a few high quality building creations. If you want to suggest anyone, please provide a link and I will check them out. However it is based on my opinion if they will be included in this thread. Some of these creators are inactive too.


5. Building Tips

[*] Shift and Ctrl are your friends in the building editor. I use both of these, literally for every single building I make. If you don’t know, holding Ctrl while holding a part moves it on a vertical plane. Shift moves it on a horizontal plane.
[*]To rotate a body or roof, put it on any connector part. By using tab, you can move it in any direction you want.

*] As soon as you load up the editor, ALWAYS turn the building towards the screen. Here’s a screenshot to give you an idea:

Notice the angle the building is relative to the steps.

For building props, they will be shown from the wrong angle. When examined they are shown from the side, not the front, only because people wanted it to look good in the online sporepedia. - Tip by Nethellus
[*] The paint job is just as important as the parts you used. Sometimes a building doesn’t look good until you paint it. Now that the building editor also has the vehicle paint textures, there’s even more possibilities. But don’t get discouraged.
[*] I find that looking at pictures really helps.
[*] The best way to learn how something is built, is to take it apart.
[*]Use parts to create a sense of scale on a building. Using parts to create a sense of scale in a creation would be important as well I guess, which is how you can recreate almost anything within the limits of Spore's creators, just through using the parts that we have available.

The small spheres at the bottom, tweaked and coloured to look like pines help make this building seem much more accurate to its true height. Adding little details always helps to create a better building. Be it terraced gardens, little windows, balconies.

--Tip by jamesgelfand
[*]Experiment with parts. There are a lot of underrated ones such as connectors, windows and doors. Finding new and unique uses for the parts, rotating them to new angles, shrinking or enlarging them, even just basic experimentation all give rise to new results. --Tip by jamesgelfand

Connectors are an underrated piece of the building editors, and I think windows and doors are better used in the same way many people use knurls on creatures! By flipping them upside down and back to front. --Tip by Vektrix

Here are a few examples:

The first one is a butterfly made almost entirely of just windows. The second one is by jamesgelfand where he attached a series of connectors, enabling the recreation of the 7* Burj Al Arab Hotel of Dubai. The third one is by StarUniter and uses doors and windows.
[*]Make sure to properly position the connector when making arches:

The connector is being improperly positioned on top of the tube. This photo shows how to get the proper position

Now with your "foot" properly placed, simply use the ring that runs parallel with the heel. Smooth arches should now be a cinch =] --Tip by AtariMethod
[*]To make a black background in any editor, go to the cheat menu (Ctrl+Shift+C) then type in "toggleeditorbackground"
[*]Always choose the lighter or damper shade of color to give your buildings an aged or worn look and don't be afraid of using rough texture as well. --Tip by Andeavor
[*]When trying to build more complex structures, start with the more detailed parts and replace them with simpler parts when the complexity shoots up too early.--Tip by Andeavor
[*]If you're building an entire complex or a hallway for GA, keep editing the same building and save them as new creations; i.e. build the complete hallway section and then take it apart, saving each separately.--Tip by Andeavor
[*]Making Parallel Building Parts at jaunty angles.

-First you need to make your jaunty angled part, by attaching it to a connector, rotating the connector and use ctrl/shift to get it to the location you want.

-Then attach a connector to this part you just moved, allow it to snap into position as shown on the left example.

-Add the building/roof part you want to run parallel with the original, you can size it now, but sizing is still available at later times.

-Using TAB on the connector, draging the connector round until it snaps into place. You now have a perfectly parallel building part.--Tip by Vektrix
[*]Heres a little Halloween hint:

Put blocks or something that fit in the windows, then paint the block or whatever you used black. It will then look like it's dark inside of the building.

--Tip by HyperSmash

6. Tutorials

To save a lot of room, I've only included in the OP: videos, a bit of text, an example, GIF's and the final version. So if you want to read the full tutorial you'll have to follow the link below each tutorial!!

Tutorial 1 ---> Fairytale House

Click here to read the full tutorial.

Tutorial 2 ---> How to make perfect arches and circles - By AtariMethod

There should be a lot of information on how to build and use a what I call a "crane." Most people don't know how to use one and thus get discouraged when they can't make the things they really want. I run into a lot of people, in my comments, that voice that very statement. Techno605 has very good example how one is used to make artworks as his avatar.

This technique is well known by many and it is very tricky. Pay attention to where you place the connector on the top of the tube. If it's placed incorrectly, you can end up with ill formed arches, or one that requires a lot of extra adjusting.

Click here to read the full tutorial.

Tutorial 3 ---> Video and GIF's: How to make perfect arches and circles - By techno605



Tutorial 4 ---> Video On how to create the perfect sphere - By techno605

This is a quick video i created to show you how to create a perfect sphere
I've seen a lot of people use the round building base part without making it a perfect round sphere... Yes, i'm fussy

Tutorial 5 ---> How to create a parabolic arch(it's not perfectly round) - By AtariMethod

Think it looks like the last arch? Well it's not.... =]

It's a parabolic arch.

That means one that's not perfectly round. Ever see those pretty arches that come to a point at the top? That's a gothic arch. They're very common on churches. Both are pretty much the same to build in Spore and they require a few more moves to make than a perfectly round arch.

Here's the first three basic steps. 1) Build your crane, place it on the floor. 2)Set your first block and then turn your base exactly 180 degrees. Set your second block. 3) Rotate your connector up like you normally would for a perfect arch.

Click here to read the full tutorial.

Tutorial 6 ---> How to make a floating citadel with double connectors and a crane - By AtariMethod

I've decided to give this thread a "Bump", by showing people how I make a floating citadel, using double connectors on a crane. If this is your first time here, I suggest you go over the arch tutorial Before proceeding.

First lets make the crane, here's a short video showing how to do it and how to place blocks. As soon as you see it, you'll see the advantages to its use.

[flash width=425 height=350 loop= flashvars=]https://www.youtube.com/v/yDXWFH1svu0[/flash]

Click here to read the full tutorial.

Tutorial 7 ---> How to make a love heart - By techno605

Here is another video showing how to create a love heart

[flash width=560 height=340 loop= flashvars=]https://www.youtube.com/v/vVhvoAnxV-g[/flash]

Tutorial 8 ---> How to make a simple structure - By AtariMethod

Click here to read the full tutorial

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Re: Bulding Tips

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Wonderful tutorial, but some of the pictures are missing.


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Re: Bulding Tips

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This is some amazing stuff, might try to do one myself.


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Re: Bulding Tips

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Thanks soo much for all the tutorials...I could really use some of these.


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Re: Bulding Tips

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Very useful tutorials! I'm not the best when it comes to designing creative buildings, so this is a big help!


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Re: Bulding Tips

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Re: Bulding Tips

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